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Neither Dante Nor Caesar Will Save Us

Dante wrote bizarre and powerful poetry about Hell and Heaven that united Italians around a non-Latin language and the Western world around various images and misquotations regarding who’s destined for which circle.

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Rally in support of Steven Donziger, New York City courthouse, May 2021, including Roger Waters, Steve Donziger, Susan Sarandon and Marianne Williamson

Roger Waters And The Lines On The Map

World BEYOND War is hosting a webinar next week with the great songwriter and antiwar activist Roger Waters. A week later, Roger’s “This Is Not A Drill” concert tour will be coming to New York City – Brian Garvey told us about the Boston show – and I’ll be there, tabling with our partner organization Veterans for Peace …

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Alternative to Oblivion

Roy Kepler was a radical pacifist and conscientious objector during World War II, owner of Kepler Books in Menlo Park, California, involved for many years with the War Resisters League, one of the founders of the Pacifica Foundation and public radio in California.

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