Mapping Militarism Posters

World BEYOND War recently released an updated 2018 mapping of militarism in the world. The map system can be explored and adjusted to display what you’re looking for, as well as display precise data and its sources.  World Beyond War is pleased to make available a series of 9 high quality graphic posters generated using our online tool.

Each is available as large 24 x 36 inch poster via our tee-spring store (frame worthy and shipped to your door!).

You can also download these high resolution posters here and print them at home or at your local print shop!

Here is a preview of our compilation map… the full set includes the compilation and a full-size of each individual map.

Here’s the full list:

  • Mapping Militarism: Compilation
  • Military Spending
  • Weapons Exports to Developing Countries
  • Weapons Exports Global
  • US Troop Presence Around the World
  • Ongoing Wars and Conflicts
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Members of the ICC
  • Signatories to World BEYOND War’s Declaration of Peace

All posters are available for a reasonable donation to World BEYOND War!


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