Shut Down Creech Killer Drone Base: Actions Underway

By Toby Blomé, Shut Down Creech, April 7, 2021

It’s been an awesome week so far, with activists arriving from as far away as Florida, New York and Missouri.  Many new folks and everyone working together with great teamwork overall.  Lots to share, but for now:


AM: We had an amazing non-violent direct action during the first morning vigil during commute hours, where peaceful, anti-drone protesters, made up mostly of CODEPINK and Veterans For Peace members, totally surprised law enforcement, BLOCKING BOTH GATES and causing a chaotic traffic jam and delay that lasted about 45 minutes.  “Time to break the silence amidst so much violence!”  Activists blocked the entrances for as long as they could, through the “riot act readings” by police, and just until the 2 and 3 min. warnings expired. Arrests were avoided by all due to health risks from the pandemic.  No one wants to take great risks and end up in jail right now.

PM:  Support Vigil for Daniel Hale, Drone Whistleblower, who currently faces unjust sentencing in July for leaking military documents in 2015 that exposed horrendous drone war crimes.  Sadly, the wind was blowing about 40 mph during our vigil, taking a huge toll on our reserve energy.   We held large PINK posters to support Daniel and honor his courage and the great risks he took to expose these war crimes.  FREE DANIEL HALE!

We also made signs that read:

PROSECUTE COL. JONES for WAR CRIMES. (The current commander of Creech AFB)




AM & PM:  DRONE MASSACRE MEMORIAL vigils.  We will not forget the horrendous and cowardly mass violence committed at Creech AFB with our tax dollars on a daily base and we honor the lives of all the victims of these barbaric crimes against humanity committed with  U.S. Armed Drones.

We also visited the “official gate” (non-commute gate) prior to our PM vigil, to again support Daniel Hale, holding our signs of solidarity and chanting:

“Arrest Col. Jones, the war criminal, not Daniel Hale, the Drone Whistleblower.”

“Arrest Col. Jones, Free Daniel Hale.”

Please share this report with others, and think about joining us for our SHUT DOWN CREECH, Fall, 2021 week action. Date TBD.

Standing Up for Justice and Freedom for ALL…

and for everyone’s right to live WITHOUT the TERROR of U.S. Drones.

Photos and Video of Monday’s Action:

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