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Join us for our virtual benefit event and an opportunity for anti-war activists, partners, allied organizations, and peace-builders from around the world to come together.

This is a campaign to protect a beautiful inhabited mountain in Montenegro from being turned into a military base for NATO.

Online peace writing course with Author/Activist Rivera Sun. Limited to 40 participants. Learn more and sign up.

At upcoming book clubs you’ll be joined by the authors Gary Geddes, Vincent Intondi, Matthew Legge, Paul Engler, Joel Eis, Marie Dennis, Christian Sorensen, and Norman Solomon.

WBW is holding an auction. We have been lucky to receive some very special donated items to include in an auction to help support our work but we need a few more to get it launched. Do you have something you could offer for us to include? Think artwork, gift cards (food related, services like spa treatments, online stores, etc), vacation home rentals, new electronics, etc. If you have ideas for a higher ticket priced item you would consider contributing to help raise money for WBW, please be in touch with Development Director, Alex McAdams, at alex@worldbeyondwar.org

Madison for a World BEYOND War is holding wreath workshops at which they discuss advocating for peace.

Join an Unarmed Civilian Protection team to prevent a nuclear explosion in Ukraine.


Dec. 1: Truth Killers


WBW has three new affiliates: Divest Ed, Save Sinjajevina, and Demilitarise Education. Learn about affiliation here.

News from Around the World:

AUDIO: Ukraine: Senseless Conflict

Peace in Rome

The Foreboding Hyperthreat Looms Large

Talk World Radio: Ian Lustick on the Demise of the Two-State Solution

A Growing Coalition of Philadelphia Groups Urges the City to Divest from Nukes in Light of Biden’s Warning of Nuclear Armageddon

“Remembering” What Is Yet To Be (Remembrance Day 2022)

The Good and the Bad in Latin Maxims

Culture-Jamming the War Machine

Supporters of Peace on Earth Should Support Free College in the United States

Talk World Radio: Jackie Cabasso on Nuclear Hypocrisy

World BEYOND War Participates in Fields of Peace “Ignite Circle” Pilot Program

World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.
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