WBW News & Action: The 3 Percent Plan to End Starvation

The 3 Percent Plan to End Starvation
Never again need a human being lack the food to live. Never again need a single child or adult suffer the horrors of starvation. Hunger as a danger to anyone can be made a thing of the past. All that is required, apart from basic skills in distributing resources, is 3 percent of the military budget of the United States, or 1.5 percent of all the military budgets in the world. Learn more and take action.

Our Plan for New Billboards in Key Locations
World BEYOND War billboards have generated news and helped build new chapters and events. We want to put up messages of peace in Ottawa, Canada, this spring during the enormous weapons show that we’ll be countering with our #NoWar2020 conference and week of actions. We also want to put up billboards in Milwaukee in July during the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating convention, and in Okinawa in support of base closure activism, and in Tokyo during the Olympics. We can only do this with your help. Donate to our billboards campaign and be sure to mention in the comment box where you’d most like to see billboards.

RSVP for #NoWar2020, May 26-31, Ottawa

We’re converging on Ottawa this May 26-31 to say NO to CANSEC, Canada’s biggest annual weapons expo. A week of activities includes activism workshops & trainings, panel presentations, art-making, film screenings, and nonviolent action at CANSEC, the arms fair. Registration is now open for #NoWar2020, our 5th annual global convergence!

P.S. We need your support to pull off this week-long series of events. When you chip in as a #NoWar2020 sponsor, you help offset our costs for trainers, artists, venue space, sign-making supplies, and all of the other details for this week of education and action.

Upcoming Webinars on January 27 & February 19

We’re excited to announce 2 new upcoming webinars in our World BEYOND War webinar series! On January 27 at 6:00pm Eastern, tune in to hear from former U.S. Navy Commander Leah Bolger, and activists Robert Rabin & Tom Hastings about the social + environmental impact of military bases, and the strategies + tactics that have been used to successfully shut them down. Register!

On February 19 at 4:00pm Eastern, we’ll hear from Phill Gittins, PhD (WBW’s Education Director) and Tony Jenkins, PhD (Education Director 2017-2019) about the “AGSS,” the alternative global security system laid out in World BEYOND War’s book. We’ll explain the nuts and bolts of the AGSS: the frameworks, tools, and institutions necessary for dismantling the war machine. Reserve your spot!

Both webinars will be livestreamed on World BEYOND War’s Facebook page. If you’re not on Facebook, you can join via your computer or telephone on Zoom. When you register for the webinar, you will receive the log-on details.

The Pentagon: Exposing The Hidden Polluter of Water
Pat Elder’s live-streamed 20-city California tour will draw attention to the public health crisis caused by the military’s contamination of the environment. Learn more.

David Hartsough Visits Florida Chapters
Great turnout for David Hartsough’s talks in Florida this month! David visited with our Central Florida and Fort Myers chapter members. Find a chapter near you, or contact us to start your own, and host events like this in your community!

A Recent Photo from Japan
Send us your photos by email and social media.

Volunteer Spotlight:
John Pegg

This week’s volunteer spotlight features John Pegg, who helped start two World BEYOND War local chapters, in Fort Myers, FL and Duluth, MN. “The reason I continue to actively advocate for change at the age of 78 is, what’s the alternative?”
Read John’s story.

Talk Nation Radio: Phill Gittins on Educating to End War
Phill Gittins is World BEYOND War’s Education Director. Here he discusses peace education and youth. Listen.

David Swanson Video
David spoke in Los Angeles last week. Here’s video, and text. He also brought a crowd around to believing no war is ever justified, speaking at a Rotary world peace conference using this powerpoint. Other powerpoints we’ve developed are here.

Preventing War on Iran
. . .  Again

World BEYOND War took part in demonstrations this past week against a U.S. war on Iran, a war that has been prevented several times now. We need to go on preventing it and building a world in which it is not possible, with U.S. troops out of Iraq, sanctions ended, and peaceful relations established. Send us photos of your actions by email or social media.

The U.S. House has voted to block this war. The Senate has yet to vote. If you’re from the U.S. email your Senators here.

Flyers in More Languages
We now have flyers you can print and copy and distribute in English,
If you can translate flyers into another language please contact us.
Thank you to Julija Bogoeva for the SerboCroatian.

Peace Essay Contest
World BEYOND War’s affiliated organization outside of Chicago, the West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition has announced the 2020 Peace Essay Contest with $1,000 to be awarded for the best entry that promotes knowledge of the Kellogg-Briand Pact and the cause of peace. Learn more.

Important Anti-War Films You Can Watch On-Line
Check out this collection of films available online, a list put together by Frank Dorrel.

News from Around the World

New York City Prepares Nuclear Option

Belgium Debates Phase-Out Of US Nuclear Weapons On Its Soil

Teaching War So That It Matters

What’s In Your Water, Pleasanton?

Why Is Trump the Only Candidate With a Budget Proposal?

Why We Need Decolonization in 2020

Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Wins 2020 Sam Adams Award

WorldBEYONDWar is a global network of volunteers, activists, and allied organizations advocating for the abolition of the very institution of war. Our success is driven by a people-powered movement –
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