World BEYOND War’s Website Translates into 125 Languages

World BEYOND War is developing chapters, affiliates, volunteers, and leaders all over the world — in 175 countries and growing.

Using a tool called GTranslate our website is now available in 125 languages. When you open an article like this one at in the original English (most of the website is originally in English), you’ll see an option on the right-hand side that allows you to choose a different language.

As with any translations, especially those done by machines, these are far from perfect. We hope that they are nonetheless helpful.

We are able to make edits by hand to improve the translated pages. If you would like to volunteer to assist in improving the translations of key pages or flyers or books, please contact us.

If you have important articles that you think we should publish, you can send them to us in any language.

If you might be interested in helping to start an active chapter in your part of the world, please go here.

If you have upcoming events to announce, please add them to our events system or send them to us.

All comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, and brilliant ideas are appreciated. Let us hear from you in any language!

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