A Bold Peace: Costa Rica’s Path of Demilitarization

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  1. As a US citizen I believe we should and can demilitarize. Invest that $650+billion in our infrastructure, alternative energy and peace. No more war. End empire. A small defense oriented army based on our soil would suffice. We simply have to stop listening to the fear mongers, who have dominated the narrative in my 77 years on earth.

  2. Costa Rica has been a great example. I would dearly love the information I have seen over the years to totally saturate the US!

  3. Well, hooray for Costa Rica!! I’m afraid that isn’t going to cause any concern in the minds of the world’s most dangerous powers. Now, if that were Russia, or China, or the US – then we’d have something to cheer about. Nevertheless, Costa Rica’s a fine example of a will to leave the world of constant war and fear and building up of arms. Do we even take Costa Rica seriously??? One can only hope……….

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