A Path Away From War | The Science Of Peace Systems

By Sustainable Human, February 25, 2022

Many people think, “There always has been war and there always will be war.” But scientific evidence shows that some societies have successfully shunned war by creating peace systems. Peace systems are clusters of neighboring societies that do not make war with each other. Global challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, pandemics, and nuclear proliferation endanger everyone on the planet and thus require cooperative solutions. The existence of peace systems demonstrates that at many times and in various places people have unified, stopped warring, and worked together for the greater good. This film introduces several historical and cross-cultural peace systems from tribal peoples to nations, and even regions, to explore how peace systems can provide insights on how to end wars and promote intergroup cooperation.

Learn more about Peace Systems ⟹ http://peace-systems.org 0:00 – The Imperative To End War 1:21 – The Science of Peace Systems 2:07 – The Development of an Overarching Social Identity 3:31 – Non-warring Norms, Values, Symbols, and Narratives 4:45 – Intergroup Trade, Marriage, and Ceremonies 5:51 – Our Destinies Are Intertwined

Story: Dr. Douglas P. Fry & Dr. Geneviève Souillac Narration: Dr. Douglas P. Fry

Video: Sustainable Human

For inquiries ⟹ sustainablehuman.org/storytelling

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