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CHALK4PEACE is the global chalk art project about peace. We’re celebrating our eleventh year as a worldwide event. CHALK4PEACE, Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. 

Photo by Jerry Downs
Photo by Jerry Downs

We’ve had more than 800 events in 40 countries and have covered more than 9 miles of  pavement with messages and visions of peace in sidewalk chalk…

We believe in  “Drawing the World Together…”

CHALK4PEACE will be participating in the Peace Day Student Observance at the United Nations in New York City this coming September to honor the International Day of Peace.

Our goal: ONE MILLION artists Chalking 4 Peace at the same time…

From its beginnings in 2003 in Arlington, VA, as a Sunday sidewalk chalk project for children CHALK4PEACE has been recognized by the Arlington Arts Commission, the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, the DC Mayor’s Office, the Humanities Project of Arlington and Whole Foods Markets. Since then it has been internationally embraced for its’ service to the world.
CHALK4PEACE has grown through the efforts of hundreds of events organizers, teachers, parents, community outreach coordinators, libraries, arts centers and other peace minded individuals and organizations.

CHALK4PEACE is not encouraged as an anti-war demonstration; rather, it is a Pro-Peace creative presentation for young artists of all ages.

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