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Peace Shift Interview with Kathy Kelly

Long-time peace activist Kathy Kelly shares her views on peace, war, and military culture, as well as the plight of refugees from violent conflict, journalism in conflict zones, and the ecological crisis. #WorldBEYONDWar

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What to do

Help End the War on Yemen on March 25

An online event to end the war in Yemen on March 25 with Jeremy Corbyn, Shireen Al-Adeimi, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ro Khanna, Rashida Tlaib, Mark Pocan, Maxwell Alejandro Frost, Angelina Jolie, Cornel West. #WorldBEYONDWar

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How Many Strangers Are At the Gate?

Conditioning people to thoughtlessly kill doesn’t provide them with any way of being unconditioned again, of comfortably ceasing to be self-deceptive murderers. #WorldBEYONDWar

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Despair and Joy

Two of the best-known women in Germany overcame past differences and joined hands for peace in Ukraine, writes Victor Grossman. #WorldBEYONDWar

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Edward Horgan protesting with World BEYOND War and #NoWar2019 outside Shannon Airport in 2019
Conflict Management

Podcast Episode 45: A Peacekeeper in Limerick

Ireland’s neutrality is important to Edward Horgan. He joined the Irish Defence Forces long ago because he believed Ireland could play an important role in nurturing global peace in an era of imperial conflict and proxy war …

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