Are Your Savings Invested In War?

Find Out Who Invests In War
War-making is a multi-billion dollar business. If we want to pull the plug on war, we need to reduce its economic profitability. And that means mounting grassroots-driven divestment campaigns across the world, to divest financial holdings from companies making a killing on killing.

But how do you know if your savings and investments are propping up weapons manufacturing? World BEYOND War, in partnership with CODEPINK, As You Sow, and the Divest from the War Machine Coalition, is excited to announce Weapon Free Funds, a searchable database that tracks which mutual fund companies are financing weapons makers.

Weapon Free Funds collects investment information about thousands of mutual funds from the top asset management firms. With a quick search, you can see if your personal mutual funds – or the funds that your employer, university, union, municipality, or other institution invests in – are financing major military contractors, cluster munitions, nuclear weapons, firearm manufacturers, and gun retailers.

In addition to the Weapon Free Funds database, World BEYOND War’s Divest website houses information about country-level and U.S. state-level weapons investments. Our research documents the billions of taxpayer dollars that governments around the world invest in weapons manufacturers, in the form of public pension and retirement funds.

Find out here if your savings and tax dollars are invested in war – and search for alternative weapons-free investment options!


To learn more and get involved with World BEYOND War’s Divest from the War Machine campaign, contact Greta at

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