Audio: Solutions To Violence Features Phill Gittins and Allison Southerland

By Forward Radio, November 13, 2022

Dr. Phill Gittins is World BEYOND War’s Education Director and is a Peace Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace.. He has 15+ years’ programming, analysis, and leadership experience in the areas of peace, education, and youth. He has particular expertise in context-specific approaches to peace programming; peacebuilding education; and youth inclusion in research and action.

To date, he has lived, worked, and travelled in over 50 countries across 6 continents; taught in schools, colleges, and universities in eight countries; and led experiential training and training-of-trainers for hundreds of individuals on peace and conflict processes. His work includes youth in prison; consultation for public and non-profit organizations on peace, education, and and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and counsellor.

Alison Sutherland is a Rotarian peacebuilder and serves on the Board of Rotarian Action Group For Peace (RAGFP). She is also Chair Rotarian Action Group for Peace at Rotary International Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Alison Sutherland is the Past President of Cardiff Bay Rotary, District Rotaract Officer, District Peace Officer and DGNN (District Governor Nominee-Nominee). She has a degree from Durham University in Theology and Ministry and until four years ago, spent eleven years at grassroots level in East Africa.  She founded an NGO offering counseling, testing, management and treatment, home based care, awareness and prevention seminars, feeding, micro finance, catch up school for orphans and training. She worked with other leading organizations and institutions into research around behaviors which might contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Since her return to the UK she has pioneered in Southern Wales a Peace/Citizen Program based on the lives of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates to children and young people. It provides opportunities to gain skills in leadership, critical thinking and peace and conflict resolution. The program has been delivered to schools, colleges, university and international places of education.

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