Australian Peace Movement Says NO to Sending ADF to Ukraine

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By The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, October 12, 2022

  • IPAN calls on the Australian Government to reach out to the United Nations and to Ukraine and Russian leadership and call for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated settlement of the conflict.
  • Recent statements from Defence Minister Richard Marles echo knee jerk response from then Prime Minister John Howard after 9/11 leading us into the horrific no exit 20-year war in Afghanistan.

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) and its members are greatly concerned by the recent comments made by Defence Minister Richard Marles that: “Australian troops could help train Ukraine’s armed forces following Russia’s “appalling” attack on Kyiv.

“All people and organisations who care about humanity condemn the Russian attacks on cities throughout Ukraine, in response to the unjustified attack on the Kerch bridge by Ukrainian forces supported by NATO” stated IPAN spokesperson Annette Brownlie.
“However, there is a real danger that this escalating tit for tat military response will lead Ukraine, Russia, Europe and possibly the world into a deeper more dangerous conflict.”
“Recent history shows that Australia sending the ADF to “train” or “advise” in overseas wars has been the “thin edge of the wedge” for increasing involvement leading to direct involvement in military actions”

Ms Brownlie also stated: “The result has been disastrous for the country concerned and for our ADF”. “This is not the time to support further escalation”. “It is however the time to call for a ceasefire under UN supervision and begin negotiation for a security solution addressing the needs of all parties to the war.”
“Mr Marles claims a sense of heartbreak as we all do.” “To suggest however that Australia should send troops at the same time that the Albanese government has just agreed to hold an Inquiry into the way in which we go to war is the wrong decision and very worrying as well as contradictory”, stated Ms Brownlie.

Australians for War Powers Reform (AWPR) have worked hard since the beginning of the Iraq War in calling for an Inquiry and they provide a timely reminder:
The decision to go to war is one of the most serious choices any government will face. The cost to the nation can be enormous, often with unknown consequences” (AWPR Website).

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