Beale Air Base: Don’t Help Donald Trump Kill North Koreans

Beale AFB, CA – President Trump’s screaming face is depicted in a nuclear blast mushroom cloud in a controversial television commercial debuting on CNN and other cable networks in cities near a major drone base here in Marysville CA not too far from the CA capital in Sacramento.

The spot is sponsored by military veterans from Veterans for Peace and It urges Beale AFB drone operators not to help Trump “kill North Koreans.” The spot begins with Martin Luther King Jr. calling for peace not war, and ends with a nuclear explosion.

Two other anti-drone war commercials – –  are also running in tandem with the Trump spot on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC and other cable networks. Those spots charge that more than 7,500 civilians have been killed by U.S. drones, far more than the 100 or so claimed by the Obama Administration.

“A U.S. attack on North Korea will almost certainly trigger a massive artillery bombardment of South Korea and attempts at a nuclear response that could include one or more nuclear missiles reaching Japan as well as South Korea.  North Korea also has chemical weapons,” warned Nick Mottern of, which helped produce the TV commercials.

As Jonathan Marshall points out in a article, the U.S. is also vulnerable to North Korea shipping nuclear weapons into U.S. ports. “Millions of people would almost certainly die in South Korea and Japan.  Millions more Americans might die from nuclear retaliation against U.S. port cities and infrastructure. Every American would suffer the staggering economic and moral consequences.”

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  1. Some of us on the left who live near Beale AFB do not agree with this ad. Your money is better spent on a better ad.

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