WBW Virtual Benefit: Pledging Peace

Join us for our virtual benefit event and an opportunity for anti-war activists, partners, allied organizations, and peace-builders from around the world to come together and hear about the work World BEYOND War is doing to stop the increasingly imminent threat of war on our livelihoods. It’s time we move resources away from war making and towards protecting the planet and we’re so glad you want to be part of the conversation.

You’ll hear from special guest speakers including Dennis Kucinich, Clare Daly and others, along with updates from WBW staff, chapter coordinators, and others on why we need to end all wars now, the work we’re doing now to end them, where we might go from here in doing so, and how we, the global World BEYOND War movement, can work together to do so.

Tickets are on a sliding scale and all proceeds will go directly to supporting organizing, activist, and educational efforts to end war and build a just and sustainable peace.

Thanks for registering today and we look forward to seeing you on the 14th!

The timing is:
Wednesday Dec 14 at 3 pm in Honolulu, 5 pm in Los Angeles, 7 pm in Mexico City, 8 pm in New York.
Thursday Dec 15 at 6:30 am in New Delhi, 9 am in Beijing, 10 am in Tokyo, 12 noon in Sydney, 2 pm in Auckland.

NOTE: if you do not click “yes” to subscribe to emails when RSVPing for this event you will not receive follow up emails about the event (including reminders, zoom links, follow up emails with recordings and notes, etc).

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