Billboard Altered In Iowa to Say “No Respect US Army”

Altered billboard in Iowa

By Frank Cordaro

From Popular Resistance, July 23, 2018

“This Needs To Happen All Over The Country”

As part of the “NO Respect – Ground the Drones” IA Campaign a billboard supporting the US Army was altered to say “No Respect US Army.”

A Concerned Christian Political Artist who put the “No Respect” language on the billboard urges people to “stand against the active war zone at the Drone Command Center in Des Moines, IA. ‘No Respect’ should be granted to military members serving in Iowa as long as the nontransparent Drone Command Center continues to ‘target, kill, and access the kill’ from a computer next to the Des Moines International Airport. I plead for other Iowa Christians to speak the truth about the filthy, disgusting, and evil actions committed by the Drone Command Center in Des Moines.”

Frank Cordaro of the Phil Berrigan Catholic Workers House in Des Moines, IA believes this needs to happen all over the country. He says we “need a bottom-up, nonviolent,street-based movement to reclaim what is real and true about what our military has been doing in these post 9/11 US lead wars. The lies the US Military are allowed to advertise on commercial billboards are a direct assault on the truth. And most Americans are simply not seeing the truth through all the lies. Billboards are certainly not the only place where this ugly “Pro-Rich, Pro-War, Pro-USA” American message comes through. The whole dam culture is locked into these lies, beginning with our Churches.  This madness is re-enforced by our so-called ‘Free Press’, which really means commercial, for-profit lying. Billboards are simply accessible to a political artist who can’t afford to buy billboard space.”

Cordaro went on to say “It is going to take a lot of altered US military billboards to start exposing this national lie. The good news is, there are a lot of US military billboard advertisements in Iowa and across the country. And there are a lot of poor political artists who want the truth to known. Don’t let the word artist throw you, my friends. If you got a bucket of paint, a brush, and a message, that is all you need.”

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