Bob Rabin Will Be Badly Missed

By World BEYOND War, March 30, 2022

Here is the sad announcement from the San Juan Star:

Vieques activist and community leader Robert “Bob” Rabin died on Monday, his wife, Nilda Medina, confirmed.

“As a partner and as a wife, I recognize and value his great contribution to our beloved Vieques,” she added.

According to press reports, Rabin was suffering from cancer.

Rabin, a native of Boston, arrived in 1980 on Isla Nena de Vieques with the purpose of studying the effects of U.S. militarism. He remained on Vieques and actively participated in environmental struggles.

Rabin served for 32 years as director of the Museo de la Memoria Histórica de Vieques, according to his Linked in profile.

Funeral arrangements were unknown at press time.

Here is a video En Memoria:

And here is a January 2020 World BEYOND War webinar with Bob:


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