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1) A Global Security System: An Alternative to War
2) Peace Almanac
3) Second Name of Earth Is Peace

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS) is World BEYOND War’s award-winning blueprint for an alternative security system – one in which peace is pursued by peaceful means. Now in its 5th edition, AGSS outlines three broad strategies for humanity to end war: 1) demilitarizing security, 2) managing conflicts without violence, and 3) creating a culture of peace. These are the interrelated components of our system: the frameworks, processes, tools, and institutions necessary for dismantling the war machine and replacing it with a peace system that will provide a more assured common security.

Learn more about AGSS and get your copy (pdf, ebook, audiobook, print edition) here.

Peace Almanac

This Peace Almanac lets you know important steps, progress, and setbacks in the movement for peace that have taken place on each day of the year.

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Second Name of Earth Is Peace

Learn more and get a copy here.

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