Building a Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign

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As you know if you’ve followed my writing, I am a big believer in campaigns—sustained efforts with a clear goal and target—especially nonviolent direct action campaigns. Nonviolent campaigning has gotten the goods in movement after movement. The good news is that in this time of political crisis in the US, many more people are interested in learning the skills involved in this particularly effective form of activism. Another bit of good news is that Earth Quaker Action Team leader Eileen Flanagan has found a way to share these skills online for those who want to step up. Please consider joining one of these courses and spread the word in your community. The first one is for those who are ready to take on nonviolent direct action campaigning. There is a discount for joining as a group of six or more, which is a great incentive for people to work together, rather staying isolated and fearful. If you’re not quite sure if this type of work is for you but you still feel you want to do something, Eileen’s other course, We Were Made for this Moment, is more of an introduction about different types of activism and how they all fit together, so people can find their own niche.
Building a Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign
Do you want to feel like what you do is actually having an impact on the issues you care about? In the face of hatred, injustice, and environmental destruction, are you tired of being told simply to call your elected officials? Would you like to emulate the kinds of powerful tactics used by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the campaign for women’s suffrage? If so, this online course will teach you the basics of nonviolent direct action campaigning, a proven method of building people power by shaking up the status quo through tactics that can range from fasting and boycotts to noncooperation and civil disobedience. Read more and register »

We Were Made for this Moment

In this time of tumult, fear, and hatred, the world needs the gifts that you were born to share. You may not be sure where to use them. You may not know how to use them to greatest effect, or even if you can make a difference at all, but you know you need to do something to work for a more just and loving world. You are not alone! The purpose of this online course is to help you to meet this moment. What is unique about this course is that it will blend three types of teaching: social change theory, spiritual discernment, and personal empowerment. Read more and register »

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