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Dear Burlington abolish-war activists,

The Coalition for a Livable City, Save Our Skies, The Stop the F-35 Coalition, and World Beyond War have launched a campaign to put a resolution on the ballot for a vote at Town Meeting in Burlington to cancel F-35 basing at the Burlington airport. The City of Burlington owns the airport and a vote to cancel F-35 basing will impede the Burlington City Council from continuing to approve F-35 basing, particularly with rising opposition in neighboring towns. As the supporting statement notes:

The F-35 is a stealth weapon of mass destruction designed for a first strike attack. Its massive consumption of jet fuel contributes to global warming. It cannot protect Vermont from climate-change mega-storms. Nor can it protect Vermont from cyber attack, nuclear missile attack, terrorism, food insecurity, income inequality or pervasive racism. The F-35 program drains $1.4 trillion from health care, education, affordable housing, and infrastructure. It does not take on the billionaire class. Or the fossil fuel industry. It does not drive money out of politics. Or abolish student debt. It feeds the military-industrial complex. It feeds corruption. It encourages war. It emits extreme noise and has high crash risk. The F-35 precludes a government that works for all of us.

The petition and supporting statement can be viewed or downloaded here.

We need 1,600 pen and ink and witnessed signatures of registered Burlington voters.  This is a daunting task. We need your help. You do not need to live in Burlington to circulate the petition; only to sign it.

If you will be circulating the petition or you are a member of an organization that may endorse the campaign or you would like to help the campaign in any other way, join us on Tuesday November 14 at 6pm in the Community Room at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington for a meeting. Or call Jimmy Leas at 802 864-1575 or email

Love and peace,

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