By Aleck T Mabenge, World BEYOND War, October 14, 2020


When life dealt me its cards I got burned;
New dawn new era;
To be celebrated not, for every day in the mirror I am reminded;
The pain, the hurt, the why me in every scar;
Marks of the unfairness of life as for me fire decided;
Flames screaming burn, child burn, but I survived.
The fuel of that pain only the universe knows;
How and why, I can’t say;
Friends I had, turned into foes;
Dreams of an even skin, even only when with others I play;
It is not love but pity that had them open their doors;
Pity or love, I survived.
Fire the instrument my poverty;
I hate that You and me are bound for life;
Bound with creams and medication, my only property;
Fire I hate you but can’t live without you my wife,
We intimately mingled and tangled as me you burned,
This skin of mine you robbed,
But strength in my soul you forged,

Aleck T Mabenge of Zimbabwe is a passionate poet who writes for the love of poetry and as a way to have his voice heard on a broad range of issues. His poetry is influenced by the socio-econo-politica­l issues of the day world-wide. His hope is that his message reignites the dream of our fathers of a prosperous, peaceful Zimbabwe whose people look forward to a brighter future free of social ills, disease, and injustice.

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