Cameroon Chapter of World BEYOND War Joins Project Empowering Women

By Cameroon for a World BEYOND War, November 29, 2021

Cameroon for a World BEYOND War has been identified in the West region of Cameroon to take part in WILPF Cameroon‘s nine-month project on empowering girl mothers and IDP women (women internally displaced by the conflicts in the Northwest and Southwest regions). Project stakeholders met on the 24th of November and this was officially launched the next day.

WILPF Cameroon’s local administrative partners attended the workshop. Some include the Divisional Officer, the Subdivisional Officers of four targeted localities, the divisional delegations of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family.

For nine months, the project will build the capacity of 350 displaced women and 150 girl-mothers in income-generating activities. At the same time, 700 displaced women, 300 girl mothers, and 50 community leaders will be educated in peace, social cohesion, and environmental protection.

Peace education and environmental protection are part of Cameroon for a World BEYOND War’s core activities, hence its involvement in this project. We will be particularly instrumental in ensuring that the trainings take into account environmental protection, so that the beneficiaries implement a clean, decent, and environmentally friendly production process. We will also work in advocacy with community leaders on the role of women and girls in preserving peace.

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