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Watch Video of the Zoom to Free Meng Wanzhou

In anticipation of the second anniversary of her arrest, we co-hosted an online panel discussion to Free Meng Wanzhou, unjustly incarcerated by the Trudeau government at the request of the Trump Administration. You’ll learn more from Canadian experts about her legal case, deteriorating relations with China, and the rise of Sinophobia in Canada – plus what you can do about it.

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The Global Appeal For Nuclear Disarmament

Dr. Vladimir Kozin authored an appeal to the nine nuclear armed nations to completely disarm by 2045 or sooner. The appeal as of today, September 3rd, 2020, after only two weeks has 8,600 signatures and has been endorsed by dozens and dozens of NGOs Peace, anti-war and anti-nuclear organizations around the world.

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Online Actions

Send this message to your local, state or provincial, and national government officials: The world has had enough of war, and that includes me. Government officials everywhere are being asked

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