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Matthew Petti

WBW Podcast Episode 31: Dispatches from Amman with Matthew Petti

Our fascinating and wide-ranging conversation covered the politics of water, the credibility of contemporary journalism, the status of refugee communities in Jordan from Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, the outlook for peace in an age of imperial decline, social conservatism and gender in Jordan, open source reporting, the effectiveness of antiwar activism and much more.

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WBW volunteer Andrew Dymon

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Dymon

Each month, we share the stories of World BEYOND War volunteers around the world. Want to volunteer with World BEYOND War? Email Location: Charlottesville, VA, USA How did you

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Angelo Cardona Received the Diana Award

Colombian peace activist and World Beyond War’s Advisory Board and Youth Network member Angelo Cardona received the Diana Award in honour of the late Diana, Princess of Wales for his outstanding contribution for peace in Latin America.

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