Cultural Encounters and Peace Trip to Iran

Nonviolence International invites you to make history!
An affordable travel opportunity June 29th – July 9th

Iran is home to 85 million people with an ancient history and culture. Iranians are eager to meet Americans to further mutual understanding and find common ground during these critical times. Join this unprecedented trip to open dialogue between Iranians and Americans who seek a peaceful future between our peoples.

Explore a fascinating country …

The trip will bring participants to the cities of Shiraz,
Isfahan, and Tehran. You will have a chance to
visit an ancient world riddled with mosaic mosques,
enchanting palaces, and medieval fortresses.


Forge new friendships …

Participants will meet with Iranian war veterans as well as share ideas and build memories with Iranians engaged in music/art/film, and community service, all towards improving crosscultural understanding.



Experience a vibrant culture …

Iran is home to an incredible ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, as witnessed in its many museums and popular sites like Tehran’s Grand Bazaar.



Delegation will include Dr. Mubarak Awad, founder of Nonviolence International, and Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink!

Total Trip cost : $ 2900 including airfare and visa fee
Limited Scholarships Available for students!

One Response

  1. Dear Madam/ Sir,


    I hope everything goes well for you. I call you from Iran.

    I contact you from the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

    I will not take too much your time and with a little explanation, I will offer you an excellent holiday offer.

    We seek to invite foreign students who are not yet employed and who have little financial means, to see the historic and old cities of Iran at the lowest cost (hotels, tickets, food, etc …).

    The history of 5,000 years of ancient Iran is truly amazing.

    Since Iran is a civilized, historical, cultural and tourist country and Iran is the safest country in the Middle East, it has great potential to attract foreign tourists from all over the world, and as Iranians are warm and hospitable people, I assure you that this trip will be a memorable trip for you and your friends. Iran is full of natural attractions such as desert, sea, forest, mountains, farms, abundant rivers and historical and ancient monuments. Iran is also ranked first in the export of handicrafts in the world.

    We have started performing the new style of tourism in Iran. There are a lot of advantages which listed as a bellow:

    1. Ability to run at different levels and for different budgets.

    2. Attending and Familiarizing tourist with the social or cultural events which happen in the place during a day. It causes, the tourists find a better understanding of their destination and enjoy more.

    Forasmuch as, in this case the tourist spends more time in the place, therefore he has got a better understanding of the local community and also food, traditional sweets, fun, language. If you studied about Iran before entrance in to it, you would find out Iranian are hospitable and welcoming people, so if you are invited to party during your trip in Iran, do not be surprised!

    In the end, I would like to invite your friends, colleagues, students to our country, to travel to beautiful and memorable Iran.

    All questions regarding obtaining visas, issuing travel insurance policies, tickets, hostels or hotels, tour guides, in Iran are available through our agency.

    And we can also serve you in the field of exhibition services … In any field you work and any business you have.

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