Disarmament for Development (Course description)

ANNOUNCEMENT in 3 languages (but note the course is in English only):
NGO: International Peace Bureau
Name of the course: Disarmament for Development
Dates: October 1, 2014 – February 15, 2015
Cost :  Registration and Enrolment fees: 300
Course description summary:
IPB and UOC (Universidad Oberta de Catalunya/Open University of Catalonia) Disarmament for Development Programme focuses on a set of issues often overlooked by those working on poverty or peacemaking: military spending and the impacts of weapons on development.
This course deals with both the issues and the ways of campaigning on the topic.
For more information write to: secretariacp@uoc.edu,   or     mailbox@ipb.org
PLEASE FORWARD this message to all who may be interested, including
students, colleges, NGOs etc
Organised by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in partnership with
the International Peace Bureau (IPB)
The world spends over $1.7 trillion each year on the military. Even a fraction of this sum could go a
long way in tackling mass poverty and mitigation and adaptation  to climate change. Meanwhile
weapons of all kinds undermine development and do unacceptable  harm to civilians. How can we
work to change this situation?
In order to achieve more just and peaceful societies, which is the dream
of most people and the mission of the UN, it is important to look seriously at some of the major hampering factors.
This course deals in particular with the excessive military spending and the misuse of resources that
should have been used to meet people’s basic needs and  interests.
It addresses the need to change attitudes and rethink unsustainable and
destructive production and consumption patterns.
The Disarmament for Development perspective is presented within the
broader context of global efforts to create a Culture of Peace.
IPB and UOC Disarmament for Development program focuses on a set of
issues often overlooked by those working on poverty or peacemaking. This course offers an introduction both to
the issues and to ways of campaigning.
The Disarmament for Development program is intended to enable students:
·To gain theoretical perspectives on a multi-disciplinary topic of
considerable scope.
·To access information and knowledge relevant to the theme and to the
politics and economics surrounding the military choices that impact
·To acquire skills of analysis and practical planning of actions to impact
decision makers.
·To develop techniques and strategies for building campaigns, projects and
interventions in the political arena.
·To learn ways to inspire, to lead and to facilitate the participation of
others in programs in this field.
·To develop new ways to communicate with a variety of interlocutors:
governments, civil society actors, academics, media, the general public.
– Disarmament for development
– Military spending at a time of global economic crisis
– Military tools
– Military bases
– Developing campaigns
– Links between investment in the military and the UN’s Post -2015 Development Agenda
– The impacts of weapons on sustainable development
– Justifications and doctrines underpinning support for and investment in
military solutions.
These contents are based on:
·Books and other materials on this topic published or collected by the IPB.
·The experience of IPB and its members / partners in this field since 2005.
Language: English
Dates: October 1st 2014 – February 15, 2015
Credits: 6 credits (150 h)
Cost and Enrolment : 300 Euros
For more information write to: secretariacp@uoc.edu, or  mailbox@ipb.org

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