Disarmament Instead of Armament

October 24, 2017, abruesten.jetzt.

As agreed in the NATO, the federal government plans to nearly double the armament expenditure to two percent of Germany’s economic output (GDP). 

Two percent, which means at least 30 billion euros, is missing from the civilian sector. This includes schools and daycare centers, social housing, hospitals, public transportation, municipal infrastructure, old-age security, ecological reconstruction, climate justice, and international aid towards self-help.

Furthermore, there is no debate regarding security policies which require an additional large amount for military rearmament. Instead, we need more resources for social conflict prevention than the main objective of foreign and development policy. 

The military does not solve problems. It has to stop. An alternative policy is needed.

We want to start with this: stop military rearmament, reduce tensions, build mutual trust, create perspectives for development and social security, a détente policy also with Russia, negotiate and disarm.

These insights will be spread throughout our society. We want to help avert a new Cold War.

No increase in armor spending – disarming is the order of the day

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