Draft Women? Hell No!

May 26, 2020

A bill introduced to Congress is trying to expand draft registration to women … but a network of peace activists, experienced draft resisters, antiwar feminists, and draft-age youth are working to not only stop it, but to abolish the draft for all genders. Join them and CODEPINK for this 1-hr webinar on the history, strategies, and current efforts to resist the draft.

Speakers include: Arianna Standish Truth In Recruitment, Rivera Sun, CODEPINK, Edward Hasbrouck, Resisters.info, and Bill Galvin, Center on Conscience and War. (centeronconscience.org) Take action! Tell Congress not to expand draft registration to women, but to abolish it for everyone.

Code Pink Statement Opposing Compulsory Draft Registration for All Genders

2 Responses

  1. My husband, a disabled veteran, had his life ruined because of the draft and was sent to Vietnam, a war we shouldn’t have been in that we lost after so much terrible suffering. It is time to stop the militarization of society and attempts to dominate the world. Fighting in multiple countries when we are not at war with them is wrong and the draft is wrong. Anyone who supports war should go see the terrible suffering and think again. thr Eisners no such thing as a good or right war. How about having a department of peace, to actually work for peace?!

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