Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons from Anthony Donovan on Vimeo.

Please let you Representatives from city to state to nation know that they need to turn around and listen and take a stand to save the planet, and civilization. Tell them we need our tax money to answer the tremendous challenges before us, not annihilation. It is time. The nuclear arguments are all disarmed, when you look into it.
Thank you for watching and sharing this. Join any of the wonderful organizations gathering together for this, our childrens lives and planet. Onward Together.

Thank you.


ps. When you hear the lead nation of these murderous devices say they want no nukes but need verification, just know that’s exactly how they’ve denied and delayed every major attempt along the way over decades. We can do verification. But for nuclear weapon states, it’s come to mean, “We keep ours, and modernize, and we need to be sure no one else gets them.”

You will hear the NWSs say we must have a “step by step process”. All good, but they have denied or forgotten all the legitimate worthy steps taken over the past 50 years and more.

Yu will hear them saying this Treaty interferes with years of diplomatic efforts and other vital treaties…. simply not true…. the NWS have maintained a stalemate and have not lived up to the obligations nor made sincere disarmament moves for decades. It’s time to get facts out and start the process of protecting life.

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