Ending the Nuclear Nightmare

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  1. while ending war and or at least ending the threat of nucks in war is the threat of ending life on earth!
    Why war at this time is the greatest threat to life on earth!
    The only reason for any war for the last 70 years has been control of fossil fuels and the supremacy of who benefits from them!

    All of these concerns are immediately changed when fossil fuels are no longer used for energy solutions !

    We now have proof that the world can stop using fossil fuels except for their chemical uses within 5 years if America and all industrial nations were to use their industrial capacity to build both liquid salt “thorium ” reactors and the simpliest & cheapest of all electrical generation energy solutions …Geothermal electric generation which is as cheap as 2 cents per KWh but in any caser no more than 4 cents per KWh or about 1/3rd the cost of the cheapest fossil fuel electric generastion !The proof of this is on the web and is constantly being attacked by the fossil fuel industry hired trolls which includes nearly all news and information media institutions. Who are all owned by or controlled by the fossil fuel corporation who know what they will loose if this info became internationally known and the people of the world were to demand the cheaper and non polluting base level electric energy which also will replace all the hydro electric dams no mostly very old and starting to cost vast funds for repair saving lives when they fail without warning!
    Like the dam in Calif which showed signs of iminant failure a couple of months ago and caused 250,000 people to be evacuated !
    All of this and a world of abundant electric energy for all peoples without the need for economic rationing .

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