Facilitators for Ending War 101 – A course for Rotarians on how to create a peaceful world: August 1 – September 11, 2022 online course registration

Facilitators will include:

Helen Peacock is Rotary’s Coordinator for Mutually Assured Survival. She led the inspiring campaigns, in 2021 and 2022, to build grassroots support within Rotary for a Resolution asking Rotary International to endorse the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. And she has personally spoken to Rotary Clubs in over 40 Districts, on every continent, about Rotary’s potential, if committed to both Positive Peace AND Ending War, to be the “Tipping Point” in shifting our planet toward Peace. Helen is Co-Chair of the new Rotary education program Ending War 101, developed in collaboration with World Beyond War (WBW). She served as Peace Chair for D7010 and is now a member of WE Rotary for International Peace. Helen’s peace activism extends well beyond Rotary. She is the founder of Pivot2Peace a local peace group in Collingwood Ontario which is part of the Canada-wide Peace and Justice Network; she is a Chapter Coordinator for WBW; and she is a member of Enlightened Leaders for Mutually Assured Survival (ELMAS) a small think tank working to support the mission of the United Nations. Helen’s interest in Peace – both Inner Peace and World Peace – has been part of her life since her early twenties. She has studied Buddhism for over forty years, and Vipassana meditation for ten. Prior to full-time peace activism Helen was a Computer Executive (BSc Math & Physics; MSc Computer Science) and a Management Consultant specializing in Leadership and Teambuilding for corporate groups. She considers herself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to 114 countries.

Jim Halderman
has taught court ordered, company ordered, and spousal ordered, clients for 26 years in anger and conflict management. He is certified with National Curriculum Training Institute, the leader in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Change Programs, personality profiles, NLP, and other learning tools. College brought studies in science, music, and philosophy. He has trained in prisons with Alternative to Violence Programs teaching communication, anger management, and life skills for five years prior to the closure. Jim is also treasurer and on the board of Stout Street Foundation, Colorado’s largest drug and alcohol rehab facility. After extensive research, in 2002 he spoke against the Iraq war in several venues. In 2007, after yet more research, he taught a 16-hour class covering “The Essence of War”. Jim is thankful for the depth of materials World BEYOND War brings to all. His background includes many successful years in the retail industry, along with an avocation in music and theatre. Jim has been a Rotarian since 1991, serves as the Ombudsman for District 5450 where he also serves as the Peace Committee chair He was one of 26 in the US and Canada to be trained in the new peace endeavor of Rotary International and the Institute of Economics and Peace. He trained for PETS and at Zone for eight years. Jim, and his Rotarian wife Peggy, are Major Donors and members of the Bequest Society. A recipient of Rotary International’s Service Above Self Award in 2020 his passion is to work with Rotarian’s effort to bring peace to all.

Cynthia Brain is a Senior Program Manager at the Ethiopian Institute of Peace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as independent human rights and peacebuilding consultant. As a peacebuilding and human rights specialist, Cynthia has almost six years of experience implementing various programs and projects in the U.S. and across Africa related to social inequality, injustices, and cross-cultural communication. Her program portfolio includes international terrorism education aimed to increase students’ awareness of terrorism types, capacity building training for women to improve women’s rights advocacy on university campuses, educational programs aimed to educate female students on the harmful effects of female genital mutilation, and provided human rights education training to improve students’ knowledge of the international human right systems and legal infrastructure. Cynthia has moderated peacebuilding intercultural exchanges to enhance students’ intercultural knowledge-sharing techniques. Her research projects include conducting quantitative research on female sexual health education in Sub-Sahara Africa and a correlational study on the influence of personality types on perceived terrorism threats. Cynthia’s 2021-2022 publication topics include international legal research and analysis on children’s right to a healthy environment and the United Nation’s implementation of the Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace Agenda at the local level in Sudan, Somalia, and Mozambique. Cynthia has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Global Affairs and Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in the United States and holds an LLM in Human Rights from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

Abeselom Samson Yosef is a peace, trade, and development nexus senior expert. Currently, he is a member of the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Bole and serves his club in a different capacity. he is a chair for the Rotary Peace Education Fellowship at DC9212 in the 2022/23 Rotary International physical year. As a member of the National Polio Plus Committee- Ethiopia he recently received the highest recognition for his achievement to end Polio in Africa. He is currently a fellow at the Institute for economics and peace and his peace-building engagements started as a fellow of the Global People leaders Summit at the United Nations General Assembly. in 2018 followed by April 2019 and he engaged with on Harvard University-based Peace First program as an Elder mentor on voluntary. His specialization areas include peace and security, blogging, governance, leadership, migration, human rights, and the environment.

Tom Baker has 40 years of experience as a teacher and school leader in Idaho, Washington State, and internationally in Finland, Tanzania, Thailand, Norway, and Egypt, where he was the Deputy Head of School at International School Bangkok and Head of School at Oslo International School in Oslo, Norway and at Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt. He is now retired and live in Arvada, Colorado.  He is passionate about youth leadership development, peace education, and service-learning. A Rotarian since 2014 in Golden, Colorado and Alexandria, Egypt, he has served as his club’s International Service Committee Chair, Youth Exchange Officer, and Club President, as well as a member of the District 5450 Peace Committee. He is also an Institute for Economic and Peace (IEP) Activator. One of his favorite quotes about peacebuilding, by Jana Stanfield, states, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs what I can do.” There are so many needs in this world and the world needs what you can and will do!

Phill Gittins, PhD, is World BEYOND War’s Education Director. He is from the UK and based in Bolivia. Dr. Phill Gittins has over 20 years of leadership, programming, and analysis experience in the areas of peace, education, youth and community development, and psychotherapy. He has lived, worked, and travelled in over 50 countries across 6 continents; taught in schools, colleges, and universities around the world; and trained thousands on peace and social change-related issues. Other experience includes work in youth offending prisons; oversight management for research and activism projects; and consultancy assignments for public and non-profit organisations on peace, education, and youth issues. Phill has received multiple awards for his work, including the Rotary Peace Fellowship, the KAICIID Fellowship, and the Kathryn Davis Fellow for Peace. He is also a Positive Peace Activator and Global Peace Index Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace. He earned his PhD in International Conflict Analysis with a thesis on peace education, an MA in Education, and a BA in Youth and Community Studies. He also holds postgraduate qualifications in Peace and Conflict Studies, Education and Training, and Teaching in Higher Education, and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, counsellor, and project manager by training. Phill can be reached at phill@worldbeyondwar.org

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