Gar Smith

Gar Smith is Secretary and a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. He is based in California in the United States.

Gar has a long history as a peace and environmental activist. Jailed for his role in the Free Speech Movement, he became a war-tax resister, draft protester, and “peace beat” reporter for the Underground Press. He led troop train protests in Berkeley and helped organize the Port Chicago Vigil at the Navy’s Concord Naval Weapons Station. Arrested for blocking a napalm truck, he was acquitted after a six-month federal trial. He has covered revolutions in Grenada and Nicaragua and participated in whale-saving missions in Oslo, Tokyo, Bonn, and Bristol. He has sailed on the Rainbow Warrior and the peace ship Fri. He is the founding editor of Earth Island Journal and his writing has appeared in newspapers, online, and in magazines ranging from Mother Jones to Hustler. His exposé, “One Nation Under Guard,” unmasked the hidden martial-law agenda of the Pentagon’s “Urban Warrior” exercises. In 2003, he co-founded Environmentalists Against War and organized the “Carbon-Free” contingent in San Francisco’s massive peace march. He has been honored with the World Affairs Council’s Thomas More Storke International Journalism Award and multiple Project Censored awards. He is the author of Nuclear Roulette and The War and Environment Reader.


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