German Foreign Minister Gabriel speaks of a possible policy of rapprochement between Russia and Europe against the USA if Trump is withdrawing his endorsement of the Iran Nuclear Deal

From Co-Op News Berlin

On Friday, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel spoke in an interview with the German editorial team (RND) about a possible rapprochement between Europe, Russia and China against the U.S. because of Washington’s position on the Iran issue.

Gabriel noted that the possible withdrawal of the United States from the Nuclear Treaty with Iran would adversely affect the situation in the Middle East. He also expressed the presumption that the Iran agreement could become a game of American domestic policy.

“That is why it is so crucial that the Europeans stay together. But we must also tell the U.S. that their behavior brings us Europeans on the Iran question into a common position with Russia and China against the U.S.,” the German Foreign Minister was quoted.

Under 2015’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also signed by Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the European Union, the government of Iran agreed to restrict its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of international sanctions.

But in the US, opponents of the deal passed legislation requiring the country’s president to certify every 90 days that Iran is upholding its part of the agreement.

US-President Trump had already recertified the deal twice. But his recent move means that Congress can now restore sanctions withdrawn under the 2015 agreement, or introduce new ones within 60 days of the current certification expiring.

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