Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter taught science in Alberta for 30 years. Since his retirement he has been studying and speaking on how cognitive biases are used to manipulate our received world views. His goal is to facilitate critical thinking about history and current events. “Greg’s talks are multi-media extravaganzas that challenge teachers—and all of us—to never assume that received narratives are necessarily true. Such skepticism is the basis of real democracy… This is a marvelous, wonderfully imaginative way of putting all this material together” – Adam Hochschild, Professor Narrative History UC Berkeley, author ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ – “Of the 100+ speakers The Centre for Global Education host every year, Greg Hunter is among the best.” – Terry Godwalt, director. Education “Besides the human gyroscope ride, your seminar was the most fun I had at the Convention.” Dr. Tom Angelakis, Calgary Board of Education. Click here to view video samples of Greg’s talks.

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