Kathy Beckwith

Kathy Beckwith is a mediation trainer from Dayton, Oregon, having worked with schools (K-12) for over two decades. She serves as a volunteer mediator with her local community mediation program, and as a school mediation coach. Her most recent book is A MIGHTY CASE AGAINST WAR: What America Missed in US History Class and What We (All) Can Do Now. Kathy became concerned about America’s strong reliance on war as a means of resolving international conflict. That concern led to research and study, and finally to this book and to World BEYOND War. Kathy is also author of the picture books, Playing War and If You Choose Not to Hit; a school curriculum guide on conflict resolution, and has more in the works. Kathy has been a Peace Corps volunteer in India, a college Director of Financial Aid, a teacher at a international boarding school, and is a mom and grandma who loves to walk on the country road near their home and make berry pies in the summer.

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