LETTER: US is Becoming a Neo-Fascist State

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  1. Terry is absolutely spot on with his observations and warnings! The huge problem is how do we overcome the warmongering media tsunami?

    Famed investigative reporter John Pilger says he never seen anything like the current flood of propaganda about the Ukraine crisis/war. When ex-CIA agent Ralph McGehee visited Aotearoa/New Zealand in 1986 on a speaking-tour, hosted by the NZ Nuclear Free Zone Committee, of which I was an active member, he told us that the CIA boasted it could play the world’s media like a giant wurlitzer.

    Well, the CIA & co. can certainly still play the West’s media like this. The sudden torrent of belligerent propaganda on the rights of women in Iran – a meme so cynically used by the US – is another current example, following the purchase of drones and other help for Russia from Iran.

    Anyway, keep leading the way forward for us, WBW – great work!

  2. At this point, I have the most difficulty talking with propagandized Dems who want to be on the righteous side against the demon, Vladimir Putin that the unhinged West is calling “unhinged,” while our leaders are saying they don’t think Putin will use nukes (while estimating one chance in four of a nuclear conflict.) Why in hell do we want to move missiles so close to Russia as to put them on hair trigger alert? Not enough Americans get it–that the war is a machination of U.S. policymakers who are getting no push-back from Biden (that’s his job). The U.S. is committing a criminal war that Biden has been informed that Ukraine cannot win, ecocide, pushing world de-dollarization, killing a chance to stabilize climate, endangering the future of humanity. I fear the only thing that can change our endless warmaking is if the rest of the world puts us in line and lines up as non-aligned or sees the light in other ways. Latin America is a bright spot. Let’s just hope for no coups.

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