Love Beyond Flags: Nothing More Beautiful

By David Swanson

When Iran’s democracy was overthrown by the CIA in 1953, many Iranians had what they still have: affection for the people of the United States, as distinct from the U.S. government.

If — even with Michael Flynn out — the U.S. government/military manages to stir up a war on Iran, and the Iranian government responds with less than perfect nonviolent wisdom, it will be the job of U.S. citizens to distinguish the wonderful Iranian people from their government.

This ought to help matters. Iranians, in response to Trump’s travel ban, are abandoning the tradition of burning U.S. flags, choosing instead to thank all the U.S. people who have been protesting the Muslim Ban. This gratitude for protests is a good illustration of the importance of protesting injustice by the U.S. government, even when the protests don’t immediately reverse the policies. It’s important for the other 96% of humanity to know we disapprove.

The thank yous have become expressions of love in both directions, with the hashtag #LoveBeyondFlags. Is this beautiful or what?


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  1. The ban isn’t a bad idea for non residents temporarily, but please don’t ban residents and citizens at all. Why isn’t Saudi Arabians banned? That is the real terrorist state and nothing.

    Thank you,
    Tim Arnold

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