Meira Marom

Meira Marom worked as an intern for World BEYOND War.

Meira is a writer, playwright, and activist, born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel in a bi-lingual bi-cultural home to an American mother and Israeli father. She spent her formative years and early adulthood in a war-ridden region where she lost a close childhood friend and several schoolmates to the deadly Israel-Palestine conflict.

A fervent peace activist in her teens, she was drafted into 20 months of compulsory service in the IDF after high school, where she performed administrative work in the manpower unit of the Air Force. When she was discharged at the rank of sergeant, she returned to vigorous peace activism throughout her twenties.

She studied Linguistics and Creative Writing and began to publish children’s literature and absurdist poetry.

In 2010 she moved to New York City to pursue her writing aspirations. In 2015 she got actively engaged with U.S. politics. She wrote a political musical that was staged in Vermont in 2016 and was subsequently featured on the cover of the Village Voice.

In 2017 Meira interned with Food & Water Watch as an organizer. Her responsibilities included forming connections with supporters, volunteers, and collaborating organizations; she gave talks at high schools, and spearheaded the Queens borough outreach. Most recently she has written a short musical about the need for Universal Healthcare.

She is eager to work tirelessly towards preventing and undoing the deadly damage of the U.S. military-industrial complex. She believes deeply that its profit-driven, excessive, unconscionable aggression plays a crucial role in most of human suffering worldwide.

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