Military Threat to Marianas

Can These Islands Survive America’s Military Pivot To Asia?

The Mariana Islands are still littered with dangerous debris left over from World War II but now, with an eye toward China, the U.S. wants to vastly increase its military presence there.


The Fight To Save Pagan Island From US Bombs

Pagan residents made it through Spanish colonization, Japanese occupation, World War II and a volcanic eruption. Now many just want to go home again.


Tinian: ‘We Believed In America’

Most of Tinian is already under lease to the military. But residents who were expecting a base may now get multiple live-fire ranges that could destroy the island’s environment and devastate its tourism economy.


Guam: Many In This Military Outpost Welcome More Troops

The military buildup is expected to help Guam’s economy. But will it make the island a target as well?


Missing Data Plagues Military Training Plans In The Marianas

A Navy plan to bomb Pagan and put a destructive artillery range on Tinian overlooks many potential impacts and suggests little to make up for the destruction.



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