Our Monuments Don’t Tell The Whole Truth – David Swanson

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  1. I’ve got two songs on my Web site that touch on this theme. One of them. “Monuments for the Victims” (http://sky-pilot.net/monuments-for-the-victims), asks why our monuments always seem to glorify the killers, rather than those who were killed. The other one, “He’s Got His Own Wall” (http://sky-pilot.net/hes-got-his-own-wall), starts with the story of a soldier who commits suicide after returning from the Vietnam War, and goes on to imagine that those like him, who died from the effects of becoming killers, as well as all the Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians who also died in that war, would have a wall commemorating their deaths in the same way that the Vietnam Memorial honors the U.S. soldiers who died there.

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