Obama: World’s Top Weapons Dealer

An Inconvenient Truth: How the Obama Administration Became Earth's Largest Arms Dealer [INFOGRAPHIC]
Via: Ammo.com

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  1. Does anybody out there think like me that Obama needs to show that he and his nation are honorable — by returning the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded before he and his administration began to engage in the dastardly acts of the past 7 years plus? Read Medea Benjamin’s 2013 paperback “Drone Warfare” to see the lengths of madness to which the US military industrial complex, with full approval and support and connivance of Obama’s administration have gone. Shame on the USA. Shame on Obama and his ilk. What a hypocrite. What a dreadful legacy of bloodshed of the innocent by capitalist vultures for profit, for power, for domination, for phony name and fame!

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