Organizing Tips Around the Olympic Truce

Between Feb. 2 and March 25, 2018, the UN has asked for a global Olympic Truce. Both Koreas have agreed, and the United States has agreed to forego its war rehearsals in Korea during the Truce. But other wars rage on, and South Korea and the United States plan to resume their “exercises” as “normal” after the Truce. We need to take this opportunity to mobilize voices for upholding the Truce and then continuing it indefinitely. Here are activity ideas:

Sign this petition online or gather signatures for it offline.

Print out the PDF of signatures on that petition page and deliver them to governments.

Same with the People’s Peace Treaty.

Olympics watch parties — gather friends and family in your home or a community venue — to celebrate the Olympics. The opening ceremonies, main skating and skiing competitions are probably the best nights but do it whenever it makes sense for your group. Add a dollop of Korean culture and cuisine, and call for peace and diplomacy. Invite your local news media (in the United States, make it NBC, the television network of the Olympics).

Teach-ins, webinars, and other types of educational events, supported by fact sheets, articles, videos and podcasts. Some history is in order, if you can get a local professor who specializes in Korea or Asian history. Here are general event resources.

Vigils for peace, public protests where appropriate, visibility actions.

Lobby visits to legislators.

Publish letters to the editor and op-eds on the Olympic Truce and your local organizing.

Videos – you can record short videos on the Olympic Truce and why it’s a crucial opportunity to move away from the brink of war with North Korea, and post via social media. Maybe also some person in the street interviews (that can be fun!)

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