On July 4 Celebrate Independence FROM the U.S. Military

Independence From America banner

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 29, 2022

I took part in this annual event in Yorkshire, England, eight years ago and recommend it to every community on Earth with a U.S. military base in it.

Use the date when the United States is celebrating “independence” to demand a little of it.

Did you see this headline? “Three in four Australians believe US ties increase chance of war involvement in Asia, poll shows.”

Yes, but 100 in 100 Australian governments grovel before Washington.

The occupied world needs independence demands, and these folks are showing the way:

Independence from America Event 2022

2nd July 2022 at Menwith Hill Main Gates


Welcome                     Hazel Costello


Presentation of letter to the Director, RAF Menwith Hill to Squadron Leader, Geoff Dickson, Royal Air Force Commander, Royal Air Force Station, Menwith Hill.

Reading of the Declaration of Independence by Moira Hill and Peter Kenyon.

Music from the East Lancs Clarion Choir led by Eleanor Hill.

Molly Scott Cato, formerly Green MEP, Quaker and Professor of Green Economics at Roehampton University. “If you want peace, prepare for peace.”

Microphone Jack, performance poet.

Thomas Barrett, Senior Journalist with the Stray Ferret.

Tim Devereux     Chair, Movement to Abolish War. Teacher, engineer, retired social worker and teacher. Member CND & Pax Christi for 50 years. “Movement for the Abolition of War”

Microphone Jack, performance poet.

Open Microphone ~ “What canst thou speak and share?”

Music from the East Lancs Clarion Choir

Dave Webb     Chair, CND and convenor of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space and a member of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Closing Remarks         Martin Schweiger

2 Responses

  1. Thank you David!
    Normally i might offer accrued wisdom and say something like, great, but make it shorter.
    But after listening, I can’t think of one line to delete…. so bravo….keep on. Rain or shine.
    Although I’m glad for the break from the empire of England back when, I don’t mind coming back to them with my tail between my legs asking England to please stop supporting the Empire we became.
    yes, declare independence. brilliant.
    blessings. gratitude.

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