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Petition for the Rule of Law in Ukraine

Call for Peace in Ukraine

Calling for Peace in Southern Ethiopia

An Appeal for Peace

An Appeal for Peace from Czechia

No U.S. Bases on Norwegian Soil

Cease Fire and Negotiate Peace in Ukraine

Put Military Neutrality and a Ban on War in Every Nation’s Constitution

No War in Ukraine

No Tech for Apartheid

Save Sinjajevina’s Nature and Local Communities from a Military Base

End the U.S. Military Air Base Construction in Henoko, Okinawa

Don’t Get Yanked into War With China

Tell U.S. President Biden to Lift Deadly Sanctions During Pandemic –( Partial success! Keep pushing!)

Petition to Biden: End Sanctions on Iran

Global Appeal to Nine Nuclear Governments

U.S. Troops Out of Iraq

Germany Must Not Join the War-Making Nations of the World

People Who Oppose War Must Not Be Compelled to Pay for War

Ban Weaponized Drones

U.S. Military Out of Ireland


For UK:

UK Universities – End your Partnerships with the Global Arms Trade and Instead Champion Peace!


For Canada:

Stop the Weapons, Stop the War, Withdraw from NATO


For United States:

U.S. Campaign of Emails to Congress

Ask President Biden to Sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Move the Money from the Military to Social and Environmental Programs!

Repeal the U.S. Military Selective Service Act

Lower the Risk of Nuclear War

Pass a War Powers Resolution to End U.S. Warmaking in Yemen

Tell U.S. Govt. to Stop Starving Afghans

Reduce Military Spending


For Duluth, Minnesota:

Support the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons


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