Patrick Hiller

Patrick Hiller

Patrick Hiller is a Member of the Advisory Board of World BEYOND War and a former Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War.

Patrick is a peace scientist who is committed in his personal and professional life to create a world beyond war. He is the Executive Director of the War Prevention Initiative by the Jubitz Family Foundation and teaches conflict resolution at Portland State University. He is actively involved in publishing book chapters, academic articles and newspaper op-eds. His work is almost exclusively related to the analysis of war and peace and social injustice and advocacy for nonviolent conflict transformation approaches. He studied and worked on those topics while living in Germany, Mexico and the United States. He talks regularly at conferences and other venues about the “The Evolution of a Global Peace System” and produced a short documentary with the same name.

The Evolution of a Global Peace System
Is War Inevitable?
Articles and op-eds:
No peace through military strength
Syrian ‘red line’ an opportunity to set new tone of global leadership and collaboration
More Leaks in the Faulty National Security Debate – and How to Fix Them
The new “security dilemma” – on the need of redefining security

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