“Please Take Me Up on My Offer to Match Your Recurring Donation!”

By World BEYOND War, July 14, 2021

An incredibly generous donor has just informed us that he will donate $250 for every recurring donation that is set-up from now until the end of August for a total of up to $15,000. If you sign-up to help sustain the movement to abolish war once and for all (at any monthly donation level!), your donation will have even more of a significant impact thanks to this donor.

This is a huge opportunity to raise funds to directly support our education and activism work. With your help, we can organize and grow global chapters, divest from the war machine, close military bases, demilitarize the police, offer educational programming and resources, and grow a youth peace movement. Your donation will help us galvanize people from around the world to demand the redistribution of our resources and the end to militarism and war—in furtherance of a global security system based in a just and sustainable peace.

Will you consider making a monthly recurring donation in support of this work?

A world entirely beyond war is the only path to true security for all nations. I believe World BEYOND War provides the best guide for finding such a path. This grassroots organization depends on volunteers and regular donors, so to encourage you to become one, I am offering to match your new recurring donation. Please take me up on it. ~Sincere Donor

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