By: Ashby McGowan




And yes, afterwards

Perhaps there shall be what the humans once called, “Weeds”

Yet pretty in the ruins

Green urgent shoots, they do not know they were once called, “Ugly”

There may one day be trees

All over the World, surviving

Covering the scars. Giving out oxygen for what remains.

So much lives on through the radiation

Yet still, many species have been cruelly mutated

But lichens? Yes, beautiful lichens will survive,



The United States of America, Lecanora, The United Kingdom, Lepraria, Israel, Xanthoria, Russia, Parmelia, France, Physcia, China, Hypogymnia


The unquestioning masses are silent now for ever. No longer worried by doubts.

The believers are in their heaven – if it exists

And the Politicians have fought their war to the best of their abilities

But, the cost

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