Resources on Closing Foreign Military Bases

Foreign Military Bases: Resources

Compiled by David Vine, Associate Professor, American University, Washington, DC, USA. Questions, comments, additions: For more information as well as books and articles about bases, see and

General Resources

-Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World: -Base Websites (e.g., usually accessible online; search by name/location -Base Public Affairs Offices: contact information generally accessible online
-Department of Defense “Base Structure Reports”:

-General Global News:
-List of U.S. Military Bases Abroad, 2016 (excel file): -Maps of U.S. Military Bases Abroad:
-Maps of U.S. Military Bases:
-Militarism Watch:
-Military Installations [Department of Defense]: -“Mission Creep,” Mother Jones magazine series on foreign military bases:
http://ww w. mo t her jo m/po l it ics /2008/08 /tab le – conte nts
-Security Assistance Monitor:

Base Conversion and Alternatives

-Base Tuono [Italy]:
-Bonn International Center for Conversion:
-Closure list for bases overseas, by Carlton Meyer: -Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment: -Institute for Policy Studies: -Presidio of San Francisco Trust:

Base Social Movements

-Transnational Institute (TNI):
-TNI Primer:


-America’s Codebook: Africa:
-“Camp Justice” documentary about Diego Garcia and US bases abroad; also on iTunes) -Chagos Refugees Group [Diego Garcia]:
-Diego Garcia: Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia -Lalit de Klas [Mauritius/Diego Garcia]:
-Let Us Return USA [Chagossians/Diego Garcia]:
-“New Atlantis Project: A Story of the People of the Chagos Islands” [Diego Garcia]:
newatlant ispro m
-Resist Africom:
-UK Chagos Support Association [Diego Garcia]:


-Anti-Bases Campaign Australia: -Close the Base [Okinawa]:
-Ghosts of Jeju:
-Guam and CNMI: See “United States” below.]

-My Sister’s Place (Durebang) [South Korea]:
-National Campaign for Eradication of Crimes by U.S. Troops in Korea: -No Base Stories Korea:
-Peace Philosophy Centre blog [Japan]:
-ROK Drop blog:
-Save Jeju [South Korea]: and
-Save Life Center [Henoko, Okinawa]:
-Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea:
-Takae blog [Okinawa]:
-US for Okinawa:
-Working Group for Peace, Demilitarization in Asia, Pacific:


-Antonio Mazzeo’s blog [Italy]: -Bombspotting [Belgium]:
-Comitato Pace e Disarmo Campania [Naples, Italy]: -Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases [UK]: -DFG-VK [Germany]:

-Etz Langt’s [Ansbach, Germany]:
-GI Café Germany:
-Global Peace and Justice Coalition [Turkey]:
-No Dal Molin [Vicenza, Italy]: and -NoMUOS[Sicily, Italy]:
-Shannon Watch [Ireland]:
-Stop Ramstein! Campaign:

Latin America

-Colombia No Bases Coalition:
-School of the Americas Watch:
-Vieques Vive La Lucha Continua [Puerto Rico]:

United States

-DMZ Hawaii / Aloha ‘Aina:
-Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space:
-Guam Chamber of Commerce: -Save Pagan Island [Northern Mariana Islands]:
-Women for Genuine Security:
-We Are Guahan [Guam]:

Environmental Damage

-Agent Orange on Okinawa: -Center for Public Environmental Oversight:

Family Members of Military Personnel

-Blue Star Families:
-Department of Defense Military One Source: -Military Families Speak Out:
-National Military Families Association:
-Yellow Ribbon Support Foundation:


-Camp Justice [Diego Garcia]: Available on iTunes
-The Insular Empire: America in the Mariana Islands: -Ghosts of Jeju:
-Living Along the Fenceline:
-Occupy Turkey: Resistance in the Baseworld: -Restrepo:
-Standing Army:
-Stealing a Nation [Diego Garcia]:

Government Resources

-Government Accountability Office: -Congressional Research Service:
-Congressional Budget Office: -House Armed Services Committees:

-Senate Armed Services Committees:
-U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency:
-U.S. Army Center for Military History:
-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Office of History: -U.S. Marine Corps History Division: -U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command:

Maps, Museums, Photography

-Civil Rights Struggle, African-American GIs, and Germany: -“Fifty-One US Military Outposts”: Outposts
-Google Earth map of the world’s foreign bases: -Guantánamo Public Memory Project:

-“Limit Telephotography” [domestic U.S. Bases]: -“New Atlantis Project: A Story of the People of the Chagos Islands” [Diego Garcia]: newatlant ispro m
-Rendition Project:

-“Traces of the Soviet Empire” [former Soviet Bases]:
-“United Bases of America” map:

superpower-sized- military
-“U.S. Drone and Surveillance Flight Bases in Africa”: -“U.S. Empire” map:

Military Spending, Contracting, and Contractor Abuse

-Costs of National Security Trade-offs: -Department of Defense Budget Materials: -Department of Defense Contract Announcements:
-House of Representatives Military Construction Subcommittee:

appropriations. ho use. go v/ s ubco mm it tees /s ubco m mitte e/?I ss ueI D=35986
-Senate Military Construction Subcommittee: constructio n- veter a ns- a ffa irs- and- re lated- a ge nc ies
-Special Commission on Wartime Contracting: [archived] -Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction:
-Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction: [archived]

Sexual Assault

-Department of Defense Safe Helpline: or call 1-877-995-5247
-Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response:
– Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN): trauma
-Service Women’s Action Network:

U.S. Veterans

-Armor Down:
-American Addiction Centers: -Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Service: -Department of Veterans Affairs Resource Directory:
-Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association Referral Program:
-Iraq Veterans against the War:
-Mindful Memorial Day:
-Service Members, Veterans, and Families Assistance Center: -Soldiers Project [free, confidential therapy for veterans, families]: -Veterans Crisis Line: or call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 -Veterans for Peace:

War and Its Costs

-American Friends Service Committee: -CodePink:
-Costs of War project:
-Global Campaign on Military Spending:

-“Move the Money”: -World beyond War:
-War costs spending counters:


David Vine’s presentation on bases at #NoWar2016: PDF.

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  1. Hello and thank you for contacting us! Can you be more specific about what you want to know? The U.S. Military forces is a very big topic, and I will need more information in order to answer you.
    If you have a question about military bases, there are dozens of resources listed on this page.
    Thank you!

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