The U. N. movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons

Segment on the U. N. movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons (aligned with Conf. on the Humanitarian Impact) from Good Thinking doc from Anthony Donovan on Vimeo.

This is a six minute segment taken from the larger documentary Good Thinking (2015). In September 2016 65 US Senate and Congress offices were visited and sat with, speaking with those dealing with our Armed Service and Appropriations Committees.
One of the key talking points was let them know that there are some 150 countries who are attempting to ban nuclear weapons through the only inclusive international instrument we have presently, the UN. All but a scarce few knew anything about this movement. The plea was to listen and to learn more about who and why.

In February they were each recontacted again, urged we show true leadership and great strength by being the first nuclear country to support a ban.
This short segment starts off with the words of one of my mentors (since 1983), the late Ambassador Zenon Rossides who took to the UN podium in 1960, talking straight to the powers that be. He later met with President Kennedy, who was moved and wished to meet again. JFK’s life was cut short. Making a brief appearance in this segment is also Sr. Megan Rice, Elliott Adams, South Africa’s diplomat on disarmament Counsellor Rob Wensley, and the esteemed Prof. Freeman Dyson, and Scientists for Social Responsibility’s Prof. Kurt Gottfried. (they all go into more depth further in the film)

Very briefly we see Ed Hedemann (WRL) and Bud Courtney (CW) in front of the Armed Services booth at Times Sq. (both in the film earlier)

The American public, thanks to a mostly silent media, knows almost nothing of this vital movement occurring in 2017 at the UN to ban weapons, therefore no worthy discussion, no democracy with the allocation of our money for these genocidal instruments, all in the name of our security. Which is endangered with each hour we build and maintain them.

There is no reason for them…. to know more why, please listen to the greatest minds and leaders the world knows had who gave their lives to stop them. Free, online on Vimeo: Website for info and link:

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