Sit-in at Customs and Border Patrol HQ, Act of Resistance to Trump’s Travel Ban Targeting Muslims

WASHINGTON — A group of concerned citizens and George Washington University students will be engaging in a sit-in on the ground floor of the Customs and Border Patrol Headquarters this morning, calling on officials to ignore President Trump’s latest controversial and bigoted executive order targeting Muslims and immigrant communities. Several participants are willing to risk arrest.

As a group in solidarity with many other organizations and individuals, “Each Other” is committed to calling out the racist, anti-immigrant policies of this administration. The group plans on visiting these offices again as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement Offices in the DC area. In so doing, the group also hopes to make contact with officials and agents in these offices to personally urge responsible parties to resist and oppose Trump’s mandates against immigrants, Muslims and any other group targeted for religion, race or country of origin.

Each Other will be acting in conjunction with DC Justice for Muslims who will be holding a rally simultaneously outside the Reagan building, which houses CBP.

“We want to appeal to the people working at CBP and ICE not to follow these incredibly prejudiced and frankly unlawful executive orders,” said Alison Schwartz of Each Other. “It is the rich ethnic and religious diversity which gives our nation its beauty, strength, and advancement.”

When: 8:00AM, Thursday March 7, 2017
Where: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC (14th Street Entrance)
Why: Citizen outrage to the president’s revised Muslim Travel Ban

Contact: Pete Perry, 202-704-3963


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